Lynne Woods

I discovered Dr. Doucette some 8 years ago after receiving a devastating diagnosis from a “traditional” Doctor regarding my physical ability to continue my career and my life style.

Dr Doucette not only corrected my health issue within a few weeks painlessly and with out drug therapy, he also assisted me in developing and maintaining a wellness program suited to my age and the physical demands of my life.

Dr. Doucette keeps me healthy, emotionally strong, and free of chemical prescriptions. He has taught me to be aware of how my body is functioning enabling me to make adjustment to my nutrition thereby achieving a balanced and happy life.

I have recommended a number of my friends and clients to Dr. Doucette and have watched many of them overcome some nasty ongoing health issue. It is an honor to recommend him to you.

- Lynn Woods

Danielle M. Bergan

I have been seeing Doctor John since early 2008. He was immediately helpful by taking away the pain in my legs when I walked as well as the constant stomach problems I had suffered for many years. He helped and monitored me thorough my gender transition keeping me “on it like blue bonnet”! He also prepared me for my major surgery last year which facilitated my healing tremendously. I am grateful for his skills as a doctor and more so as a person who cares. I highly urge you to check out his services. You will not be disappointed.

Paula Lee Phillips

“After going to many doctors for a terrible pain in my ear, an ENT told me I had TMJ and to rest my jaw by not eating any solid food. This did not help my condition. I had not eaten solid food for over a year ,every time I tried to my earache would return. My sister-in-law recommended Dr. John and how I wish I had gone to him sooner. In just one treatment he adjusted my jaw and I was able to eat a big green salad as soon as I got home. My dentist was very impressed and now recommends him to his patients with TMJ. Now I also see Dr. Doucette for other issues and recommend him to friends and family. He really tunes in to what is going on with your body.

Mahalo Dr. Doucette.”

Summer Anderson

For 10 years I had leg pain. The pain became so bad that I could barely walk. I had to leave early to get to work and school. I couldn’t exercise the way I used to and I foresaw my future as possibly on crutches or even in a wheel chair. I saw countless medical doctors, chiropractors and massage therapists. All of them said it was probably sciatica and all I could do was take ibuprofen and if I wanted to, they could try surgery. I didn’t want surgery so I found myself taking up to ten ibuprofen’s a day just to make it through. I became depressed, overweight, couldn’t sleep and my overall health was completely deteriorating. I was recommended to visit Dr. John by coworkers. Within four appointments, I was practically completely healed. It has now been about three years and I have remained pain free ever since. He even helped me with my vertigo! I call him my miracle doctor and recommend him to every person I know who has any kind of issue. I even stop people on the street if I hear them talking about a pain or ailment because I know Dr. Doucette can help them too. I truly got my life back and it would not have been possible without Doctor John Doucette.

Alana Rucynski

Dr. John Doucette has been treating me and my family for over 10 years. We go to him FIRST, and I consider Dr. John to be our family’s “Primary Care ”

From adjusting our bodies from stress and over work, to aiding in vitamin supplements and much needed cleanses; Dr. John has always been there for the Rucynski Ohana. When both my boys; ages 15 and 12 returned from summer trips on the mainland; first stop DR. JOHN!

I have referred countless friends, family members, and clients to Dr. John Doucette, because I know he can help their immediate pain, and assist them on the path to whole body health. I have friends that thank me 5-6 years later ( after the original referral and visit) to thank me profusely again and again.


I started seeing Dr. John for chronic pain in the elbow due to a car accident. I ended up wearing braces on my wrist & elbow for about a year and it always hurt. I went to him a few times and he figured out that the signals to the muscles were all screwy: one was always “on” and the rest were always “off” so the overworked one was always sore. He did a little tap on my head and some other little number by touching the muscle and, well, that was it. The “off” muscles were back on and I was able to build up my strength within a matter of weeks.

Dr. John became my physician after that, basically, because he was able to detect and fix all kinds of other MAJOR problems. Not only did he detect the elbow issue, he detected parasites, fixed a constantly open ileocecal valve (causing gas & skin rashes), and most importantly, he was able to detect hypothyroidism and regulate it with Standard Process supplements instead of a huge, costly medications. I went from such incredible fatigue, depression, and weight gain to feeling great in a matter of weeks. He even reprogrammed some negative thought processes I was having and I was able to sleep better after.

He is a truly gifted man, a genuine healer, and an all-purpose holistic “doctor.” I am so bummed I no longer live on Maui because I have missed him and his healings! I seriously doubt I will ever find an actual physician as gifted as he is.

L & D

We’ve been spending 5-6 weeks on Maui for a number of years. Before our arrival on the island, we make an appointment so that we can see him the next day and again once each week while we are there. Some “Maui” friends of ours recommended Dr. John to us because of the help they had received from him. About 5 years ago, I had a knee problem that I’d had for some years. Dr. John recognized the trouble and “fixed” the muscle that was contributing to the pain. I’ve not had any trouble with it since. I had a 4-wheeler accident 2 years ago and hadn’t fully recovered from it. Dr. John recognized the muscle injuries and anxiety that remained, giving me amazing relief. I’ve also had a chronic digestion problem that Dr. John has helped me with.

Dr. John’s knowledge of supplemental support, kinesiology, and chiropractic care puts him “over the top” in our estimation! We’ve had experience with many alternative health care professionals and we consider Dr. John among the best!. Besides that, he has become a great friend and need we say that he’s a great guy!!

I hope this is not too long. We could write a lot more, but guess that’s not really necessary. We have a friend, Ralph Achenbach, who just went to Maui for 8 months and we recommended you to him, as he was having a problem. Hope he’s been in by now. Let us know if you’d like something different or a change made in the testimonial.

Thomas Somermeier

It was three years to the date that I came to Doctor Doucette after a horrendous health experience with a local provider. I had been seeing a personal physician who said I need to lower my cholesterol and prescribed me medication to do so. The side effects were a concern, but I had no idea that it would lead to a dangerously high liver count, enlarged spleen and a one hundred and four degree temperature. My physician ordered numerous blood test, a CAT scan and more prescribed medicine and I continued to get more sick and low in energy.

I was recommended to see Doctor Doucette for his alternative medicine and from my very first visit I was a changed man and patient. He interviewed me, adjusted my whole body, and then prescribed to me many various types of supplements. The combination of the awesome manipulations of my body and taking of supplements immediately reversed all the effects of illness. This resulted in my liver count being reduced down to its normal level and a healthy spleen at its original size.

Since that miraculous day of healing I am a testimony to the awesome and professional care and treatment that Dr. Doucette demonstrates. Almost the entire staff at my employment sees Dr. Doucette and I most assuredly recommend him to anyone that is in need of medical treatment.