Flu vaccinations, do we really need it?

It’s that time of year again when the government health agencies are telling you and your child to get this years annual flu shot. What they aren’t telling you though is that flu vaccines are not effective at protecting you from the flu. Studies by the Centers for Disease Control show that each year roughly the same percentage of people suffer from flu-like illnessess, whether they are vaccinated or not. Even though more people are getting vaccinated annually, the percentage stays the same when one would think the percentage would go down if the vaccines were protecting the people who receive them. You are also not informed of the contaminants and poisons contained in these and other vaccines: formaldehyde, a carcinogenic enbalming fluid, ethelyn glycol (radiator fluid) ,aluminum (a very dangerous neuro toxin), mercury in the form of thermerisol, and other preservatives you wouldn’t normally want to put in your body. Real experts, not the CDC, say flu vaccines don’t reduce the number of working days lost, they don’t reduce flu-related complications, deaths or hospitalizations and they don’t stop the spread of the flu. They also state that there is no evidence that seasonal flu vaccines have any effect, especially in the elderly and young children.

What should you do instead? Increase your immune system! A strong healthy immune system is your defense against viruses, bacteria or anything else that invades your body. Start with a whole food diet and cut back on sugar, processed grains and packaged foods. Exercise, drink clean water, not sodas, get sun exposure without the use of sunblock and take immune supporting supplements. You need to feed your thymus gland, spleen, adrenal gland, and other organs involved in the immune system.

I use: Immuplex- everyday support for the whole immune system. Take 3 to 6 a day for maintenance and 9 a day if sick. Thymex- the heavy hitter when people around you are sick or if you are fighting off a cold or the flu. Take 6 to 12 a day at the first sign of a cold or flu. Congaplex- this supplement is 1/3 thymex, 1/3 calcium lactate and 1/3 vitamin A and C from carrots, alfalfa, mushrooms, and echinacea. Take 1 every half hour at the onset of cold or flu symptoms and then 1 an hour until symptoms decrease. Congaplex Chewable for kids who can’t swallow pills is raspberry flavored for palatability. Take 2 to 4 every day for maintenance and 1 an hour if your kids are battling an illness.
Taking a heavy dose of these supplements will usually stop a cold or flu before it really kicks in. If you do get sick, it will shorten the severity and duration of these illnesses. The key to staying health this winter is to eat nutrious foods instead of processed foods, keep sugar consumption to a minimum, excercise, get plenty of sleep and boost your immune system with the right supplements. Here’s to a healthly fall and winter season.

Dr. John Doucette

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